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Welcome Members!

Welcome To Your Portal

This Month's Theme: SEO!

Welcome Bright Sighter! I’m so happy you are here. I can’t wait to learn more about your podcast and help you reach your growth goals. 

This is your exclusive podcasting portal. Through this page you will have access to video recordings of events, templates, tutorials and more. This portal is can help you with the following: 

1. Monetization Strategies
2. Learn how to get more downloads
3. Connect with fellow Bright Sighters for new reviews
4. Real-time Support (via Slack channel) 
5. Find a guest or be a guest (via Slack channel )
6. Monthly *Game Changer* Podcasting Virtual Event with Q&A (Themes include: SEO, Monetization, Events, Press, etc.)
7. A better understanding of your statistics
8. A Like-Minded Community of Podcasters

How It Works:

Slack Communication
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Slack is a chatroom for the whole Bright Sighted Community. It is a computer application that was created as a way for organizations to communicate both as a group and in personal one-on-one discussions. You can communicate as a group through channels or privately via “direct messaging.”

Free Monthly Event
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Each month will have a theme. Like: SEO, Monetization, Marketing, etc… The event will be hosted by Christine and  Bright Sighters will be able to participate for FREE.  There will be additional events paid events and free events added to the calendar. 

You can also add our calendar directly to yours. Click here to add. 

Bright Sighted Library

This is where you’ll go for access to Video Recordings of Events, Group Coaching Sessions and Tutorials.

This is where you’ll go for access to Templates, Guides additional resources. 

Discounts & Affiliate Program 

Bright Sighters will receive a special discount for all Bright Sighted events, production plans, courses and an opportunity to join the affiliate program.

For more information email:

April Theme:
Grow with Search Engine Optimization

Use promo code: BrightSighterSEO

Exclusive Podcasting Calendar

This is my personal podcasting calendar that I’m sharing with all Bright Sighters. It includes all member events (free and paid) plus industry events, award nomination deadlines and more. You can add this calendar to your schedule by clicking here. Or, you can pick and choose which events to add. It is my personal calendar so it will be updated regularly. 

Slack Community

Here is how the Slack Community Works:

Slack is a chatroom.  It is a computer application for your desktop and cellphone.

(I use both) that was created as a way for organizations to communicate both as a groupand in personal one-on-one discussions. You can communicate as a group through channels or privately via “direct messaging.”

Understanding the channels: 

Think of each “#” as a discussion room. 

#general – for general community and industry updates

#shareyourpodcast – when you first join, please share name of your podcast with a link to where people can listen on Apple Podcast.

#cross-promotions – come here to chat with fellow members about cross-promotions – ad swaps and more.

#clubhouse – hosting an event in clubhouse, share the link and details here.


#wednesdaywins – Did you book a high-quality guest? Hit a new milestone with your downloads? Did you get featured on another podcast? Did you have a kick-ass interview and you just want to share about it? Do so here! Every Wednesday we will celebrate your wins!

#challenges – I love challenges! They motivate us to reach our goal. We will have challenges here every 30 days and the winners of those challenges will get a prize!

#findaguestbeaguest – looking for a guest, share it here. Want to be a guest? Share it here.

#weekly-q-and-a  – have questions as your are working on your podcast ? Share them here. 


Good Vibes Only: The point of this community is for us all to work together to grow our shows, build our thought leadership and monetize. Bright Sighters are sincere, smart and a support system for each other. We praise each other publicly, we offer advice and empathize. If anyone wants a critique – that happens one-on-one between members and is facilitated by those members. Personal information shared stays private. This is a safe space. By joining this community you are agreeing to this. 

  • Regarding slack responses. Please feel free to respond to each other and ask questions of each other. Christine will get back to DMs as soon as she can. While it may be immediate, it may also take several days depending on her schedule.
  • Pro Tip:  make sure to “@“ someone to ping them. IE: @Christine. And, if you put something in a slack channel, it’s best “#” the channel when you do it. So, everyone sees it. IE: #general

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