Bright Sighted is an Award-Winning Network of Podcasts Showcasing Stories of Human Perseverance. Founded by Journalists in 2018.

Bright Sighted Podcast Network

The How We Can Heal podcast explores healing, wellness, trauma recovery, and beyond. Here, guests share their personal histories and what helped them through their biggest challenges – as well as how they support other people going through hard times. Check out the website for more episodes. 

Welcome to Policing in America – a podcast about race and policing: the good, the bad, and the ugly. The goal? To have at times uncomfortable conversations to spark positive change. Your host is currently the Officer in Charge of a unit that creates, delivers, and maintains police training in the largest urban police department on the West Coast of America: Sergeant Tom Datro. Check out the website for more episodes.

Award-winning journalist Trish Wood digs deep with guests and thinks critically about the world, COVID-19 policy, true crime, wrongful convictions, epic media fails, addiction, the gender wars, and sometimes basketball. Trish’s acclaimed interview style, empathetic but tough and agenda-free, explodes convention and exposes raw truth. Check out the website for more episodes.