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Post-Production Tips for Podcasters


Carl Houde



Bright Sighted Podcasting


Christine O'Donnell

Assistant Producer


This week’s REPLAY episode features Carl Houde. Carl is the founder of Affogado Media, a company that offers editing and engineering services for podcasters. Carl relies upon his technical skills in order to work on podcasts during their post-production stages so that his clients have content that is professional and worthy of publication. Tune in to learn about how Carl’s editing and engineering background helped him find his place in the podcasting field. 

What We Learn: 

2:20:  Carl’s Business: The Podcast Engineer

3:40: Carl’s Own Podcast: DIY Podcasting

6:05: Struggles of Being a Podcast Business Owner

8:30: Is The Podcasting World Oversaturated?

12:40: Tips on How to make one’s podcast sound good

17:05/20:35: Investing in an editor to join your team v. Editing your Podcasts Yourself

17:45 Editing Software Options

24:50: Incorporating Music into One’s Podcast

26:55 Difference between Podcast Editing and Podcast Engineering

28:05 Using Effects and How A Studio Work

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Production:  Bright Sighted

Host: Christine O’Donnell

Guest: Carl Houde

Assistant Producer and Editor: Matthew Feiler 

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