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Get Published in Huff Post, E! & KTLA (REPLAY)


Laura Cathcart-Robbins



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Christine O'Donnell

Assistant Producer


Laura Cathcart Robbins talks about her “big break” into the podcasting world. She shares how she “got published,” her secrets to pitching, how she handles rejection and how her first paid speaking gig.  Laura is a writer, recovery thriver and survivor. She’s also the host of the popular podcast: The Only One In The Room! Which is a podcast for anyone who has ever felt alone in a room full of people. She shares vulnerable accounts from people who are eager to connect.

1:45: USPS, Elections, COVID-19 stresses; General check-In 

“There is great inquiry right now, and the people who were, you know, either borderline or struggling in a normal year, are really having a difficult time right now.”

4:00: Christine gave birth to her new baby!!!!

“I had a kid in quarantine!”

4:45: How Laura started her podcast

“Across the board, all of these people identified with that feeling of what it feels like to be the only one in the room. And, so the idea of this podcast came out of that.” 

12:45: Laura’s thought about the progress of her podcast’s success

  1. “Since he built that studio, our downloads had tripled because we started producing more content as well” 
  2. “We’re not at the number of downloads that we’d like to see weekly to attract the caliber of advertisers that we would like to attract…but someone who launched a year a change ago, yeah, we’re rocking right now”   

17:00: Monetizing in Podcasting

“And I was riveted by how many of them entered into podcasting with a step-by-step plan to make money by the end of the first year {…} which was exactly the opposite of the way that I entered into podcasting”  

20:00: Booking speaker gigs

“If you’re fortunate enough to get a gig without pitching yourself, to just post, you know, as you can”

23:30: Public Speaking

“I pitch everything. Any time there’s an opportunity, I pitch myself for it.” 

26:30: First time Laura has an article published

“Friday, I sent it to Jessica, Saturday I rewrote, Sunday I pitched it out, and Monday,  it went live at HuffPost”

31:45: Struggles in Laura’s Podcasting Journey”

“The biggest demographic of people who listen to podcasts are white men, and mainly they listen to other white men and I find that to be, at slivers of time, discouraging”

33:50: Dream Guest and Podcast Networking

There are so many people I would love to interview.”

35:30: Laura’s Tips for New Podcasters

“So the newsletter I think is important, the website is very important, the Facebook group”


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