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PR Strategies to Get your Podcast on the News (REPLAY)


Lexie Smith



Bright Sighted Podcasting


Christine O'Donnell

Assistant Producer


Lexie Smith, PR Expert and Founder of The PR Bar – a coaching service which specializes in helping motivated entrepreneurs exponentially expand their impact, influence, and revenue through PR.

What We Learned:
1:51 Introduction to PR expert Lexie Smith
2:44 Thoughts on podcasting as a PR tool
7:27 How to pitch yourself to the media so people will want to report on you
11:33 The power of relationships to get PR
13:06 Overcome the intimidation of pitching with this mindset shift
16:29 The pitching process timeline: research, building the relationship, and sending your offer.
17:48 The PROS and CONS of working with a PR agency verus doing it yourself
22:47 FREE PR resources people should know about
24:47 Let’s discuss the value of show notes and why you need to repurpose your content
32:20 What to do after you get Press
35:41 The two types of PR
36:16 Get to know what Lexie does as a PR Coach: her program, DIY PR tips, and more

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Lexie’s Website:

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